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Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are quickly becoming the go-to technology for dental offices. This innovative technology allows dentists to capture precise 3D digital images of a patient’s mouth in order to create custom restorations and appliances. With digital impressions, dentist can take an accurate impression of a patient’s mouth without having to use messy impression materials like putty or paste.

The main benefit of digital impressions is that they provide dentist with accuracy and precision down to the micron level. Using scanners and other imaging technologies dentist can literally see exactly what the patient’s teeth and gum tissue look like inside their mouth. Digital impressions also allow dentist to gain extraordinary detail about how well the dentist or lab technician has created a restoration such as a crown or bridge.

The digital impression process is also much less time consuming than traditional impressions, making it easier for dentist to provide patients with high-quality care in a fraction of the time. Additionally, dentist can review images taken during digital impressions and make adjustments if needed without having to use additional materials or send the patient back for another appointment.

Another great benefit of digital impressions is that they are incredibly easy to store and share with other dental professionals. Dentists can easily transfer these images between their office and any lab that may be manufacturing the restoration for them, reducing the amount of time spent on processing orders. This means dentist have everything they need to complete treatment quickly and efficiently.

Digital impressions have revolutionized dentistry and have allowed dentist to provide patients with the best possible care. With digital impressions dentist can be sure that they are achieving accuracy in creating custom restorations, simplifying processes and reducing timelines for treatment. Digital impressions save dentists time and money while providing patients with a more comfortable and accurate experience.

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