Get unparalleled performance with the Solea® all-tissue laser. Laser dentistry provides a more comfortable treatment option for a typical dental procedure and is usually more cost-effective!

At Duren & Marsh, we serve Belmont and its surrounding areas with state-of-the-art laser dentistry services.

So what exactly is laser dentistry?

Laser Dentistry is when the dentist uses a tool that creates a very narrow and focused light energy beam that causes a reaction with the tissues inside the mouth. This allows the dentist to remove or reshape the tissue.

Laser dentistry makes certain dental procedures more comfortable for patients and helps to reduce anxiety. The lasers are used instead of drills, scrapers, or other non-laser tools. Dentists use lasers in a variety of dental procedures. Sometimes, laser dentistry is ideal for children who become anxious or afraid when having dental work done.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dentists choose laser dentistry because of distinct benefits that make the procedures go more smoothly, and also reduce discomfort and healing time for patients.

  • Patients are less likely to require sutures
  • Anesthesia may not be necessary
  • The laser will sterilize the gums, making infection less likely
  • Less damage to gums shortens the healing time
  • Patients lose less blood than in traditional surgery

Common Laser Treatment Procedures

There are two main types of procedures that involve laser dentistry – hard tissue (refers to the teeth) and soft tissue (refers to the gums).

Soft Tissue Procedures:

  • Removing Soft Tissue Folds – In this procedure, the lasers are used to remove soft tissue folds that are caused by dentures that don’t fit properly.
  • Treating a “gummy smile” – This is when the gum covers most of the tooth. The lasers are used to help reshape the gum so that the gum-to-tooth ratio is more even, thus giving you a beautiful smile.
  • Crown Lengthening – This helps reshape soft tissue and the bone, so the structure of the tooth is stronger.

Hard Tissue Procedures:

  • Tooth Sensitivity – This procedure seals the tubules that are on the tooth’s root, reducing sensitivity to hot and cold foods, drinks, etc.
  • Dental Fillings – Lasers can kill bacteria in a cavity, helping to improve the health of the tooth in the long run.
  • Cavity Detection – Lasers help with the early detection of cavities and tooth decay.

These are the most common laser dentistry procedures. Other procedures include viewing tissue, removing benign tumors, treating obstructive sleep apnea, TMJ, nerve regeneration, treatment of cold sores, and teeth whitening.

At Duren & Marsh Dentistry, we offer state-of-the-art laser dentistry to ensure your utmost comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our laser dentistry services.

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