If you’re experiencing tooth pain. swollen gums, or any type of discomfort in your mouth, call Duren & Marsh Dentistry ASAP! We are here to help with same-day appointments available and top-of-the-line treatment options. Don’t stay in pain. Our priority is your comfort and we want to get your smile back to where it should be! If you are in the Belmont, NC area and in need of emergency care, call our office!

Dental Care Emergency Symptoms

Anytime you feel discomfort in your teeth and gums, you should consult your dentist. Your dentist can help you determine what actions to take to help relieve the pain. Mouth pain is no joke and it can affect your overall health. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call the Duren & Marsh team right away:

  1. Severe tooth pain that won’t go away
  2. A lost crown, filling, or other dental restoration
  3. Damage or trauma to your tongue, cheeks, lips, or gums
  4. A cracked, broken, or loose tooth
  5. A partially or fully knocked-out tooth
  6. Something stuck in your teeth
  7. Pain in your jaw or lock-jaw

Emergencies happen and they are completely unpredictable. Duren & Marsh Dentistry understands this and offers same-day appointments so you don’t have to stay in pain. Call us or book an appointment online.

**If you have experienced trauma to your head or neck, we advise you to go to the ER first before coming to us. Resolving any injury to your head or neck takes priority in getting your oral pain under control.

Choose Duren & Marsh for Your Dental Emergency

Duren & Marsh Dentistry is the #1 trusted dentist in the Belmont area. Our patients’ comfort is our priority, so if you are experiencing any type of discomfort or pain in your mouth, please call us ASAP. At our dental office we have:

  • Excellent service & care
  • Flexible payment options (check out our dental savings plans)
  • Same-day appointment options
  • Procedures & treatments done with the latest dental technology
  • Dentists that have extensive knowledge & training

Don’t allow the pain to get worse and increase your chances of having a more severe issue. Contact our team today and receive the treatment you need!

Dental Emergency FAQs

  • Does a damaged or knocked-out baby tooth warrant a dental emergency?
    • Yes! Baby teeth are not permanent but if they experience trauma or are knocked out before their time, it could cause problems for the permanent tooth that is underneath. The dentist will not reinsert the baby tooth, but they will ensure that the underlying tooth is free from damage or injury.
  • What is the best way to sleep when I have tooth pain?
    • If you can’t get into the dentist office on the same day, they will give you instructions on how to deal with the pain when you call in. Here are some examples:
      1. Try to keep your head elevated
      2. Avoid drinking or eating things that are cold and high in sugar or acid.
      3. Take an over-the-counter painkiller
      4. Use a cold compress to help number the pain.
  • Is it ok to use a toothpick to try and get something out of my teeth?
    • If something is stuck in between your teeth and you’re having difficulty removing it or it’s causing pain, call your dentist right away and wait for them to remove it. For generally removing food between your teeth, most dentists recommend using floss. A toothpick has sharp edges and can easily cause damage to the soft tissue in your mouth.
  • Do crack or chipped teeth heal on their own?
    • Unfortunately, your teeth will not heal on their own. This is because there are no blood vessels in your enamel. If your tooth becomes broken in any way, you need to make a dentist appointment right away. Not only does it take away from your smile, but it exposes your tooth to bacteria, which can cause infection and lead to more severe damage.

Trust Us With Your Dental Emergency

We are here to help get your smile back on track! Whether it’s a broken tooth, swollen gums, or tooth pain in general, contact us right away. Don’t wait it out! The chances of the pain going away on its own are slim. Our dentists are fully licensed and highly skilled to deal with any dental issue that comes their way.

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